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Franssons Konfektyrer AB


One ISO 22000 certified company

We are situated in a small beautiful city named Gränna in Sweden. This city is famous for the excellent Candy made here.

The company started 1965 by Alf Fransson and it is now run by the son Stefan Fransson.

We manufacture all kinds of small candy, for instance marshmallows, soft gummy, dryed jelly, chocolatetasting marshmallows and hard candy.

We can also produce special products.



Now every production is going. We have to do all kinds...


The Company

We manufacture and sell confectionery, chocolate foam, jellies and candy-

products for the Swedish market. We also export our products to the rest of the world, but mostely to the Scandinavian countries.

We only use approved materials and colors in our manufacturing.

Our certified suppliers gives us great help in our quality work.

We sell our products to small and medium-sized merchants.

Our products should always be of superior quality.

Our own control and our manufacturing processes must continually work to maintain customer satisfaction.

Our companyname, Franssons Konfektyrer AB, guarantees that the customer always will find that our products are at our own high standards.

We are certified to the ISO 22000 (has a food safety management system that fulfils the requirements of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden).


Stefan Fransson